Wash On Zero Faff Ceramic Coating by THE DGS

Zero Faff Ceramic Coating

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Cars look better & stay clean longer with THE DGS wash-on ceramic coating.

These days, waxes & polymers are old news when it comes to protecting the paintwork on our cars. Since a handful of mavericks first pioneered the technology more than 20 years ago, hard wearing performance ceramic coatings have become the industry Gold Standard, having rendered the old techniques & products redundant.

But the big problem with ceramics has always been their eye watering expense. And being - by design - so tricky to deal with, they remain the preserve of pro detailers and ever more expensive car dealerships. Until now. We partnered with those very same pioneers to make ceramics as simple as hose-on / rinse-off. But in spite of this apparently "too good to be true" simplicity, the result really is THE DGS ...


What It Does

  • Genuine ceramic tech - without the expense or the faff
  • Activates with water - bonds to clean bodywork upon contact
  • Repels rain & grime
  • Filters UV sunlight 
  • Each 500ml bottle can coat up to 2 medium sized motors
  • Each coat last up to 3 months. Top up every time you wash for effectively permanent protection.
  • Once coated, ongoing care is quick & easy
  • Made in the UK - by car geezers, for car geezers

How To Use

  • Connect THE DGS refill bottle to your hose with the adaptors included in the Starter Kit, then wash your car just as you would normally.  The red dial controls water supply. The black DGS dial controls the coating - keep this closed off for now.
  • Once clean, rinse all remaining detergent off. With the water still running turn the black DGS dial fully open to wash the coating on in seconds.
  • As soon as one panel is fully covered, close off the black dial and rinse the surface fully.  You'll notice water beads up immediately, indicating that the coating has successfully bonded.
  • Proceed in the same way with all remaining body panels. Dry with a microfibre drying towel.


This is not a buff-on, wipe-on or spray-on coating. Application is only possible with an aerated supply of running water - eg water fed through your hose pipe - in order to activate and deliver the contents.  We don't recommended application with a pressure / jet washer due to the very high levels of product wastage this incurs.

You'll need the nozzle & hose connectors included in the Starter Kit in order to apply THE DGS Zero Faff Ceramic Coating correctly. Keep hold of your nozzle & order just the Refill bottles in future, saving yourself even more money.  

SAFETY WARNING: THE DGS formula BLX is extremely awesome, but it's not a drink.

In The Box

THE DGS Starter Kit includes:

  • THE DGS Wash On Zero Faff Ceramic Coating - 500ml bottle Formula BLX, coats up to 2 medium sized cars
  • THE DGS hose controller nozzle - two dials regulate water and coating supply
  • Universal hose adaptor - also compatible with Hozelock & Gardena push on hose attachments
  • Collection tube - attaches to hose controller to scavenge the very last drop of coating from every refill bottle 
  • Save The Manual - application instructions on the side of the box
  • Please Note: orders for 500ml refill bottles do not include hose accessories 

Prefer driving to washing ?

If you'd rather be out enjoying your car instead of staying back home endlessly buffing & polishing then watch this quick video to see how easy it gets when you've got THE DGS on your side!



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