Frequently Asked Questions – THE DGS

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DGS Formula BLX Zero Faff Ceramic Coating a polish?  Will it remove swirls and scratches?
No - it's a wash-on ceramic coating. To remove swirls or light scratches, a cutting compound can be used before application. 

I saw someone on InstaFaceTube say your product is not a genuine ceramic coating and false advertising. Looks like they're a car detailer, so I guess they know their stuff. Whadya got to say?
These comments are frequent, yet none of these commenters have actually ever tried THE DGS - let alone conducted any real world tests or lab analysis to back their screeching. As my dear old WW1+2 veteran grandad used to say, calm down my boy: you only take flak when you're directly over the target. 

I buffed it on with a super top quality microfibre like I use with all my regular polishes, waxes and coatings... and it didn't work!
THE DGS Formula BLX is engineered to activate with aerated water and our Starter Kits come with a universal hose adapter and controller nozzle for this very purpose. To apply, simply wash onto your car with the same hose pipe you used to wash it.  Formula BLX only works when applied with running water in this way, and will not activate if hand buffed on either wet or dry surfaces. 
Need more info? Watch our super quick How To video, or read the 3 step Save The Manual section on the side of the starter kit box.  

Does it work on glass?
Yes - it will produce strong beading on windscreens and other glasswork. Personally, we love it, but we realise that everyone has their own preference when it comes to seeing where your drive is taking you. So if you don't like water to bead up on your windscreen, we recommend trying to avoid these areas as much as possible during application, and ensuring you rinse off thoroughly with plenty of water before drying. A good quality glass cleaner can also be used to dampen the hydrophobic functionality in sections where it may persist.  

Will it make my matt finish paintwork shiny?
No - you'll get all the benefits but none of the gloss

Does it work on bikes?

Will it damage my soft top?

Do I need to buff it and get a sweat on?
No - just hose it on, rinse off, dry. Then simply go for a drive and enjoy.

Should I wash my car first?
Yes - we can't recommend wasting money ceramic coating road grime

Should I dry my car after application?
Unless you're driving off immediately then we recommend towel drying your car, especially in direct sunlight and hard water areas. This will help you avoid water spots. We like THE DGS Diamond Geezer waffle towels as these absorb huge amounts of water in one quick, effortless and scratch-free swipe per panel.

My car is already pro ceramic coated. Can I still give it THE DGS treatment? And why would I want to?
Formula BLX maintains and enhances the original surface functionalities of your pro ceramic coating, refreshing and renewing its original performance. It's actually the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to keep your pro ceramic in shape, and can help you to maintain it indefinitely.