Save The Manual – THE DGS

Save The Manual

Big respect to all the manual gearboxes. But save this manual: its the only one you'll need for car care down the line!

Cars look better & stay clean longer with THE DGS wash on ceramic coating. 

If you're anything like me and prefer to spend your hard earned quality time driving instead of cleaning, buffing or polishing, then I'd like to show you just how quick 'n' easy it gets when you've got THE DGS on your team!

Step By Step

  • Connect THE DGS refill bottle to your hose with the adaptors included in the Starter Kit, then wash your car just as you would normally.  The red dial controls water supply. The black DGS dial controls the coating - keep this closed off for now.
  • Once clean, rinse all remaining detergent off. With the water still running turn the black DGS dial fully open to wash the coating on in seconds.
  • As soon as one panel is fully covered, close off the black dial and rinse the surface fully.  You'll notice water beads up immediately, indicating that the coating has successfully bonded.
  • Proceed in the same way with all remaining body panels. Dry with a microfibre drying towel.

In a nutshell

  • Activates with water - bonds to clean bodywork upon contact
  • Repels rain & grime
  • Filters UV sunlight 
  • Each 500ml bottle can coat up to 2 medium sized motors
  • Each coat last up to 3 months. Top up every time you wash for effectively permanent protection.
  • Once coated, ongoing care is quick & easy
  • Made in the UK

Please Note: This is not a buff-on, wipe-on or spray-on coating. You'll need the nozzle & hose connectors included in the Starter Kit in order to apply THE DGS Zero Faff Ceramic Coating correctly. Keep hold of your nozzle & order just the Refill bottles in future, saving yourself even more money.  

THE DGS Zero Faff Ceramic happens to be extremely awesome. Nevertheless, it is NOT a drink.