As car geezers, we believe in looking after our pride & joy. But as life’s short, we don't want to waste too much of it cleaning & detailing. 

That would be precious time stolen from the freedom and fun our cars are meant for. Whether that's time spent driving, modding or meeting up with like-minded people and simply chatting cars. 

It's the reason I left school at 16 to start this company with the help of my old man and his mate (who's also my godfather). They just happen to be the two blokes who long ago founded a company called Gtechniq to develop high performance surface coatings for trains, planes and automobiles.

In fact, Gtechniq pioneered the world's first ceramic coatings, and today, more than 20 years later, it's the global Gold Standard in car care.  Before then, car nuts had to put up with expensive - but useless - silicone polymer coatings, or regularly break their backs whilst wasting their Sundays waxing on & waxing off. 

My old man loves his cars but he's got no time for washing & buffing. He'll tell you how he washes his motors once a year - whether they need it or not! He'd simply much rather be blasting down our local B-roads, or taking off for a week lapping the Nordschleif at the 'Ring . 

Now, he did try getting us kids to do the dirty work for him - but that didn't really work out as it seems we're of a similar mindset. That is, seek out an edge instead of just settling for more hard graft. And this is how the idea of a simple to use, quick n easy, no fuss ceramic solution was born.   

So hopefully you can see, even though I'm still just a teenage dirtbag myself, I've chosen my business partners well!  And with that, you can have full confidence in the quality of the products and the technology behind THE DGS.

The important thing is we’ve got you and your motor covered. Proper protection without the ball and back ache. So you can get out there, have fun and enjoy living. 'Cause life's too short for faff. 


Atom Gill
Founder THE DGS