3+ months protection with one application.

simply washes on - hose adaptor included with starter kit

Works on Paint & Glass

one bottle coats upto 2 cars

Clean Less. Drive More.


Attach to your hose - wash on in seconds

No more buffing or back ache

One application delivers over 3 months protection from UV, rain & road grime

Wash On - Rinse Off - Job Done


By Car Geezers. For Car Geezers.


THE DGS Zero Faff Ceramic Coat washes on and bonds instantly to bodywork creating a durable, UV, grime & weather repellent barrier.

Your motor will shine like the big dogs & stay clean for longer.

What Car People are saying

I bought some off a very nice lad on their stand at a VW/Porsche show. I was a bit sceptical but thought I would give it a go. I gave it a go.....and bugger me....! ! It worked! Ordered some more. No more chamois, no more messing about. It's brilliant stuff and good value! Try it, you'll not regret it!

Ben Nichols on Aug 22, 2021

Like most people I'm a little sceptical about products like this but I took the plunge and bought the starter kit. After washing my car (metallic Obsidian black) I applied The DGS and could see the effects straight away as the water was running off much easier than before. I have used a few different products with acceptable results. After a journey in some rain and driving through some large puddles (on purpose) the dirt just falls off. I have since washed my car again and the beading was incredible, I have just ordered my refill bottle for future use.
Thanks for a fantastic product.

Mark G-O on Aug 13, 2021

Being an experienced detailer of 12 years and applying ceramic coatings day in day out for my customers I was a-bit skeptical about this product, it’s definitely not a replacement for standalone ceramic coatings, but, to simply spray on a rinse off it’s absolutely out of this world. It’s been on my daily commute car which does 700 miles a week, after 3 (7 week period) washes it’s still beeding and easy to wash. Has it lived up to the hype? 110%. To spray on and wash off its faultless. If you can’t be arsed like myself to properly apply a ceramic coating to your own car this does just as good of a job as a standalone ceramic, without the faff and remortgage price tag!!

James Cooper on Aug 09, 2021

Recently bought a white car, the dgs coating keeps it brilliantly clean and free from road dirt.
So effortlessly simple to use just take time make sure you get every bit of body work as you'll see what you missed!

Chris on Aug 07, 2021

Super easy to apply, but with massive results. Takes all the work out of ceramic coating. Now i can take the car for a rip, quick wash and its back to clean.

Really happy with it!

Fraser M on Aug 13, 2021
THE DGS Founder Atom in car nirvana:  Nordschleif 2020

We love our cars. But life's too short for faff.

As car geezers, we believe in taking the very best care of our pride & joy. But life's short, and hours spent sweating the details are hours lost to enjoying the freedom & fun our cars are for. 

I left school at 16 to make car care simple and easy. I recruited my old man and his mate (my godfather), as they're the blokes behind Gtechniq, the company they originally founded to develop high performance ceramic surfaces for trains, planes & automobiles. Some 20 years on, these have become the global Gold Standard in car care - copied & imitated by all & sundry.

But pro ceramics are hard to apply, and a whole lot harder on the wallet. So the idea of a simple to use, quick n easy, no fuss, low cost ceramic was born. Even though I'm still just a teenage dirtbag, you'll spot that I chose my technical partners well! And with that, you can have full confidence in the quality of the products and the technology behind THE DGS. The important thing is we’ve got you & your motor covered. Proper protection without the ball & back ache, so you spend your quality time enjoying the drive. Life's too short for faff.

 Atom Gill, Founder THE DGS